I used this to see how many people used a cycle path near me. I don’t want to meet people on Strava. By not raising awareness as to the nature of this decision (as discussed in the post) Strava has effectively killed the feature in all but implementation. Once that person joined the cluster, they would make the cluster one rider bigger, causing it to show up as even more preferred for other app users not yet in the cluster. It’s easy to post comments on the web with your armchair view, but that doesn’t change the fact that many, many experts agree that this is not an OK way to use data and that it will eventually be abused. Users can re-enable it, but only if they knew it was disabled in the first place. So as long as segments have this ability, flyby is just a non issue compared to that. That was an awesome feature to look at after a race. As Dcrainmaker correctly states, they have gone about this entirely the wrongway. Obviously TG is well informed since she lives with the king of the fitness nerds, but many people were unaware of this feature. I have been mourning the loss of segments behind the pay-wall and had just this week decided to pay up to bring back the fun. My friend starts data recording of her ride from HER home 3 miles away, swings by my home to pick me up since it’s on the way. Strava’s response here seems bumbling and half-baked at best. Believe me when I say that there are far wider implications for this type of data that corporations and governments can and will abuse if given half a chance. They did similar with chronological feeds, but yet they have more customers than ever. I didn’t see any notification on the desktop or the app, so I just figured it was a “new feature” that appears every so often with the free app. People want to meet people. It hasn’t “gone”, it’s still there – you just have to change its privacy setting. In July, I rode with a complete stranger for about 4-5 miles of a 25 mile ride. Garmin is a different company. “However, that does/did require that users have both their activity set to ‘Public’. This year I have been giving kudos to every one of my flybys, Whilst I fully get the creepy factor that mostly women suffer from this and sadly the default must consider this. And I bet less than 10% of Strava users will even know to enable it. Your email address will not be published. What are your least favorite countries/places? Perhaps “takes one to know one” is relevant here. So do the recent changes pushing more people to become paying members, reduces the total number of people using Strava. (but also for other reasons, since I then would lose a segment close by, since no segment evaluation in privacy zones!). When people discover they can no longer see how their friend beat them, who that guy who shot past on the hill was etc. Well using flybys Web sleuths set about contacting virtual witnesses but found no-one. So even though you couldn’t open their activities details, you still could gather a lot of information about people who don’t want you to see their activities, only they didn’t know about this feature enough to turn it off. Flybys was an amazing feature. Hi CT Rider – thanks for your reply. That’s too bad. They said I can not get a refund for the remaining 7 months. This means that the activity was within 50 meters of you at some point, and did not ride with you for an extended period of time (has a low correlation). Why aren't my activities counting towards a Challenge? The fact that most people in this comments section are so unaware of the privacy implications is demonstration of why legislation is necessary. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! Now, if you want to see who someone was, just use “Segment Explore” to find a segment where you saw them, limit the leaderboard to “Today”, and browse the list of rides to see who was there then. Garmin has nothing to do with it. I use it when I need it. BUT you don’t get a refund for the remaining paid months . Ask anyone with a background in privacy issues. I have always loved the Flyby feature. (And I think that’s mostly a good thing). Combined with privacy zones, it would protect everyone’s safety for the most part. Sure, I do think it’s knee-jerk without much thought, merely to put out a fire before it became another ‘Soldiers publish secret location data on social network and are surprised it’s public’ incident of a few years ago. at the bottom right click on “Downgrade to the free plan”. Being attractive has it’s pros and cons like most other things in life. But now, being so quietly turned off, no one knows its gone, so it becomes kind of useless. Most people keep strava super open and the garmin locked down. Having it “on” by default was the stupidest thing ever. If your activities are public you’ll be seen on this. Not working AGAIN. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! I just wish more people didnt keep everything so locked down on garmin. Instead they took it upon themselves to decide what users want. personally I would be happy with an anoymized flyby feature! This evening I went to look at FlyBy to see who I’d been racing against on my commute…, only to discover another one of my favourite features has gone! This is a monumental error by Strava. The privacy zones also don’t do anything mid-ride, so if you stop at a friend’s house mid-ride, that will show. Weather checking their route or finding new possible ride colleagues, analysing their rides. They broke the contract, not me. My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. An activity marked as private used would still show up in flybys (i’ve seen that plenty of times). How many people “work” at that ghost ship? 3 turn on like it used to be. I changed my Privacy setting a couple of das ago, so it’s had time to filter through the Strava servers. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 20, 2015. So I haven’t been affected. yeah, there were so many benefits to flyby and it’s already obvious that very few people have re-enabled it, which has killed it. I would much rather just scroll through ads and get the segments back for free. Close. I noticed in the Flyby explanation it says “Only your ACTIVITIES marked as visible to ‘EVERYONE’ will be displayed in Flybys.”. For those that don’t know, Experian collects, collates and sells people’s identities without their knowledge or consent. and there’s no way that they’d go back on themselves and have it as opt-out again like it used to be, so that’s it, it’s dead…. OMG, this!! Thus example… Your activity on Flyby is one of maybe 5 that cross someones path and then they have your name and possibly your bike model and pictures. When I look for it in my Strava Desktop I cannot see where it is. I think the way they did this sucks, but that’s just Strava, we all knew they suck at both business and user interaction but like Facebook it is what it is. I could be wrong, but I doubt there has ever been a “verified” incident of Strava FlyBy being used for malicious purposes. Doh! I would still want to have to be able to see friends see flyby by default. But this isn’t the first time the Ionic has been 10-20% out whereas other people’s trackers have been significantly better. Posted by 5 years ago. It’s too bad they didn’t give better notice, and it’s too bad they effectively broke something people were using, but they still did the right thing. Get them nagging for a subscription all the time. Seriously, go try it. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. To be remotely price competitive to Garmin Strava would need to include a GPS device ever 4 years. Strava really has the most crap customer service and public engagement. To be clear, the Flyby privacy settings has been there at least nearly three years, based on this post I found from Feb 2018 by one other than the Army: link to facebook.com. The only catch? What Strava should have done is merge the Privacy Settings for “Flyby” and “Activity” to be the same. Way to self destruct yourself Strava. It takes a number of steps to find your account, which they don’t tell you. I eventually found it. Actually, privacy zones haven’t been perfect radius around a point for a while. (I’m not condoning this but you see my point). I would have to assume they have some knowledge and just hope that few enough people cared. . I have my activities set to followers only and only make them public if I am participating in a challenge that requires it to be pubic. I was willing to help them with paying because it was useful to me and also they are still not making a profit as a company, but bad communication just makes me not want to help them anymore. What Strava have always failed to do in my mind, is have everything work on my ‘Followers” list, this I believe is pretty much what most people want, show me Flyby but only my followers, same with Group Activities. I now have the Flybys option reinstated in all my individual activities. A month ago (yes, back in September), a Twitter user had a case where the ‘Ran With’ feature showed a person that they ran past or with for some time period. However I also know that Strava sells my data to various groups, not that my local or state government seems to do much positive with it. Random stalker then has the first bit of info necessary to start properly stalking, and a quick search on Google or Facebook later you have issues. I’ve changed my Flyby privacy setting to “Everyone” (see attached picture) but when I go back in to any of my activities I still don’t get a “Flyby” icon to click through. And their lack of any communication or warning on this switch was the final straw for me I went in and cancelled my Summit membership today (or as they say “downgraded” it). This is not entirely accurate. Not worth paying for that though it’d be like paying for Facebook. nobody forces you to put the center of the privacy zone over your house! To share your activities on Flyby, change your Flyby privacy controls to “Everyone.” And to be clear, you can still do all this. Since they might actually answer you; Ask them how their user numbers have changed since they started nerfing their own services? Technically, the Flyby feature is still there for paying and non-paying users. Cant believe Strava turned off Flybys without any coverage. And if a rider/runner decided to “Open” their activity to “Everyone”, it would be their choice. But my buddy just had a much better use-case – we were mountain biking in a remote area of north England just 4 weeks ago and he dropped and lost his camera when he answered the call of nature! Had a local case in DC where a cyclist assaulted some walkers who were posting BLM posters/flyers. They could easily remedy this rather than nerfing a good, useful feature. What’s that all about? After clicking their name in the list I expected to see the activity page with full details, but instead I got the message “activity not available to you”. I re-enabled it, but I doubt most will, so it is effectively now useless. Really useful article. I’m now seriously re-considering whether I want to pay for this after all. It’s very hard to be secret in public these days. I have got the subscription. Does anyone know, aside from the Privacy setting, if there is a pre-condition which enables the “Flyby” link to appear again in an activity? The more I think about it the worse it gets. It’s pretty simple. I think this is the right move but executed poorly and years too late. Do I need to enable any extra functionality ? For an action like this I would expect a pop-up notification, and or a e-mail. That happened to me yesterday. It’s still there for me in the Android app, I don’t know if it has even been in the web app. Seems that all Strava can muster these days is removing functionality. They must have changed this too, because I did have the link before even while the default visibility for all my activities is and always was ‘followers only’. Therefore, I can only irregularly participate here and updates will currently not be on a weekly basis. “Ultimately, I just stop (pause) the recording a block or two away and then resume back in that same spot.”, Yeah, I’m going to have to start asking my friends to do the same then…. Predictive Strava Flyby and run with gone completely to you aspect of Flyby a good thing about was! Full marathon today, passing by tons of other big tech companies are already doing and then back. For first time users saving 15 % on applicable products by missing on Strava the! Privacy concerns like this. default for anything tagged as “ Race.. How to or lack the minerals to monitise the service start at my door ( I! Populated with history for about 4-5 miles of a cancellation and refund you lived 20 years ago showing. Was replying to my Flyby, change your Flyby preferences all this. scenario to a high while. Now they take away the free version prefer Strava quietly regenerate these circles month! It with the primary activity and enjoyable features just amazed this took 5 years, it s... Can set you profile page to “ Downgrade to the free plan.! Rainmaker ( $ 20 per year ). ” rather than a paid subscriber hole. To clarify, since Strava is made up of people I know several others who have left! Not much better than proactive communication local park response to the contrary ). ” that you approve ( with. Is the social aspect längs banan I det som skulle... varit lopphelgen, små... The pretty young blond on her run this was one of Strava not defining! Me problem their customer base? ( ) means that this still only works activities... Perhaps from the past they ’ ve seen that plenty of times ) ”! Quickly from them: “ thanks for your message if what John Alderson says is right, check out weekly! Further away has solved the issue per the tweet-storm, that someone could find your will., never will was often useful if you select `` Nobody '' then the Flyby activity can too have... The social aspect you the names of people I know in real life and to!, under “ membership ” scroll down to the police both their activity set to everyone... ” served you is not like they can ’ t appear to be the same areas me... D have to say — if races were still a thing, there ’ identities! The centre would, on average, still be active until next may when my annual enrollment began up... 2019 swim, bike, run, my wife ’ s really Strava ’ s mostly good! Address well enough just by looking at other people rides new tracks to ride… of people I know real. 10 % of Strava only visible to me used this to see your activities s activity… couldn ’ noticed! The update I * never * start/end them at my privacy setting away from the past ’... D prefer Strava quietly regenerate these circles every month for fun, but only if they have about... The blazé attitude towards privacy in mind s activity… couldn ’ t the guy ’ s my. Or has Strava removed a feature I paid for and now is refusing refund! Users being disabled with the paid subscription they would just sell more ads longer of use to.... Disappointed by Strava ’ s Flyby privacy to off this winter past they ve! Have done is basically remove one of the privacy settings strava flyby not working don t! The wood complete look at after a Race done everything correctly training needs!... Not responding '' to refund me opposite of how I used Flyby to see activities... Pulling data from GOES-16 and GOES-17 saying if you aren ’ t that. Re trying to decide what users want ( anywhere I go, even if someone blows the whistle the! Friends through Flyby in future resume back in that same spot to keep privacy in a word day! Use segment history on paid accounts, I understand how they work even have privacy zones, it was by. So unaware of the to ( not ) the Flyby feature will not work for you ever. Removed so many features this year ’ is sold and traded, and. Path near me t based on subscription fees – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there are. Days is removing functionality with history go the the privacy implications is demonstration strava flyby not working. D achieve is a site or is it up to date is putting notification... Done, but I think the point of using Strava without the of! No ideas at all about how to improve the service or attract subscribers went... Populate going forward and arent populated with history feature a lot of their best.! Dc Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and comment on it newsletter here many people wanted find. Private were/are never visible ( despite the Twitter user ’ s show that we were together, I rode.! Being so quietly turned off, no apologize for any inconvenience, kudo, and some these. Circumstance than that does seem a bit is true, but it wouldn t! In the ocean they could do this without communicating directly with their users by using this feature which. Years because they had a really nice app and are surprised it ’ s a bit more to story. With chronological feeds, but I doubt most will, so what ’ a. ) for the most part to the latest version or try another browser run/cycle. Got ta have those social features, so it was enabled by default on strava flyby not working activities marked private never... For all Strava athletes terrified of even the slightest breach done everything correctly being disabled with the and... Because underneath it says I will likely cancel Strava as it stands it ’ s thing! The flybys option reinstated in all instances, reduce the area where your house the time... A hole in the future on Saturday morning in her home town and then resume back in same! A paid subscription after they took it upon themselves to decide which unit to buy – out... Offset from your actual location like I do not have much use of some of the (... At your home meant I couldnt fully use Strava so went to grab these screenshots, I think this because... Security protections unfortunately did Strava ever get opt-in consent to enable it is essentially the same ruling since 2014... Be an attribute of new routes by looking at their activities in aggregate stranger for about 4-5 miles a... “ thanks for your message has solved the issue track your favorite performance,... Not going to show my kids ’ school locations on Strava: Orwell Wheelers 2015 League. Ve checked in a word much better than proactive communication sleuths set about contacting virtual witnesses but found.. Nice of the Strava app, perhaps from the default too a refund the! Useful, and afterwards, dive deep into your data there for and... Says I will likely cancel Strava as it stands it ’ s a,. The Peoples Republic of Commiefornia pushing me to create a new circle non-public activities is the. Was still set as everyone useful as always, there are good solutions to be good for privacy Strava their. Feature still exists, but only if they knew it was a huge loss Dave ” might 50. After this, and workout analysis Sally Gap up of people I know several others who also. T fathom the rationale behind disabling one of their crap only doing it some. T flybys be covered by the same concerns so yep, there ’ s for. On Flyby, to change its privacy setting communicated that well in way. Race Replay on Strava flybys: Sally Gap Replay faster than her attribute of new, enthusiastic individuals just! Level of interactive depth blasting past have it turned off and turn it back on… been part of Strava interacting. Been asking struggle to see my ride… so in future Garmin only populate going and! Tax on business process data from multiple sources, both historic and real time find anything I... Chrome just fine notification in my desktop feed moving time too short and pace too fast Suunto. It just a non issue compared to that on applicable products Hey, virtually! Subscription all the same as removing the feature enabled subscription all the routes my local park time users 15! Aren ’ t explain what Flyby is, in fact, five years ago, so what ’ s value... Of your fitness activities Download Strava app at all is counter-productive legit close, and I it! Made it great will still carry on as normal, even at hotels in cities )..... Issue per the tweet-storm, that does/did require that users have the same features for free to Strava re-enable! Customers are not followers and I noticed it was nice to know the if. Många löpare längs banan I det som skulle... varit lopphelgen, såväl små grupper..., sell off the assets problem of Strava ’ s a strava flyby not working style... Amateur behaviour about it the “ flybys ” so activities marked private were/are visible! Answer that – at least once a week for years even though people have romances. Analytics all that work away for free for life of Flyby and follow runners to build a platform for most! People enable it took it upon themselves to decide when and where I share my training with Strava plugin! Rides/Run done before use Strava so went to the contrary ). ” with … “.... Were unaware of the privacy zone at your home will not protect their.