Green Stuff World International, Crta. they are one of the more inexpensive products on the market. Most people pick these up due to general availability in their region over other brands, they are very common in most hobby stores. A favourite amongst converters. Keep it up, you have my business! In this review, I find out how The Army Painter's new Metallic Colours Set can keep up with the competition from Scale75 and Green Stuff World. $2.39. Not on which paints are the “best” coverage etc. Green Stuff World: Paint Set - Orcs and Goblins. please let me know in the comments. ToP Tips. Their spat with Vallejo about the trademark is something they should handle on their own. If you are into large army painting, it’s likely you’ll stay with that brand for a long time. Creative Green Stuff World | Modeling materials, special tools and other resources for sculptors and steampunker enthusiasts who love creativity above all. They come in 30ml dropper bottles with flip-cap & pour lids. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. These paints come in 17ml dropper bottles with a unique twist cap lid which prevents all clogging. Whilst some people may look specifically airbrush paints for miniatures, I’m happy to say that you can put pretty much any of the paints below through an airbrush with the right amount and types of thinner. These dropper bottles are also 18ml – making them (marginally) the bottles with the most paint volume on this list (for standard bottles). Here are some great paint choices. The range get’s some stick but it’s a decent range of paints that is readily available in most regions. So was I and I almost bit off more than I could chew. Add to cart More. Another standout of this range is the Inktensity inks which are really colour rich. With these, you simply paint a miniatures base colours, dip it into the tin, then shake off the excess. The paints are available individually. do you want dense pigment for coverage in fewer layers or weaker pigment for layering and glazing? Not to mention their mediums and varnishes. Excellent too for those who like to wet-blend. orderd for the first time from these…and wow....appauling ethics. [Games Workshop] was also using HMG and when GW dropped HMG as a manufacturer and moved to a French Manufacturer, Coat D’arms used the same paint formulations as GW to create a fantasy range. I got my first couple of these paints for a recent miniature painting course I went on and can directly attest to both their coverage and excellent workability. Siege Studios Essentials Master Painting Course Review, How to paint Alpha Legion Tutorial – 2019. When 6 working days had passed I had still not received my order and proceeded to contact customer service. Thanks to the community and everyone who advised on this. From several comparisons online, these are comparable to the Classic Citadel Colours. Paint fans. 1x Orange Rust 1x Light Rust ... 1 out of 1 people found this review useful. Each set has 6 bottles of paint with imaginative names like Toxic Purple, Red Goblin or Martian Green. With over 50 standard colours available. Every brand on this list is worth your consideration. These paints are specifically designed for airbrush use. (Probably Citadel, Army Painter or P3). Which are similar to Games Workshop’s Gem Paints. Fast delivery,great materials and tools. Great products, fast delivery. Using these paints to pin wash or shade your miniatures really adds depth to the model without much need to thin them. I want to warn against shopping from this seller: you may not receive your order and lose money. All products can be purchased from Green Stuff World directly and come in individual (various sized) dropper bottles, They also sell some theme sets. A favourite amongst converters. I can’t recommend them enough, I have great experience with GSW, they have many great quality products. Heck, even their shipping times are great! The barrier to entry with this range is much smaller than with any other product. Tamiya is a well-known brand of scale models. 101,25 € 135,00 ... 2 Review(s) Portable Airbrush Compressor by Green Stuff World. We plan to do one of these articles for all the essential mini painting tools. This set is gaining popularity fast as more people hear of them. Another product I wanted to try from Green Stuff World. It is available in two formats, for brush and for airbrush. Being a sculptor I order all my stuff from Green Stuff World and so far I didnt had any problem . All of these paints come in 17 ml dropper bottles, are available individually or in numerous themed sets and in large collection boxes. the company they sent with does not recognise the tracking they provided and i have sent 3 emails to ask why and what is going on with my order. Easy to use, they create very beautiful textures in a short time, Cool and hard to come by stuff. They offer guides to paint the majority of different brand models using their paints. 1 2 Next page All paints are suitable for Brush or Airbrush. But it does feel great to stand out on the tabletop, so using some slightly different versions of your armies colours can help you here which is where the other brands come in handy. $4.95. Green Stuff World specialise in products that are somewhat outside of the usual hobby box. Below I will summarise those strengths and weaknesses of each brand as considered by the miniature painting community. Add to cart More. They have more ranges and colours than anyone else on the market. It took them 3 days (!) Green Stuff World has two new sets of paints whose shade changes depending on the angle of view. Citadel also offers an airbrush range matching their existing base colours too. $27.50. $27.50. $39.95 + shipping . These ink is superb !!! World of Darkness - Old Ed. ADVERTISEMENT. Even though they are quite pigment heavy, they still thin very nicely and work great with brushes or airbrushes alike. As far as I can tell, this hasn’t been confirmed, but I’ve emailed the UK distributor to ask. Due to the overwhelming responses on paint brands, I’ve upped the usual Top-10 list here to Top-15. And that the manufacturers of these paints were the guys who Supplied Games Workshop with that Citadel range. they have not replied at all.Edit: I finally got my order, the paints were all gammey and the flocking looked like grey nasal trimmings (was supposed to be brown).when i talked to them about it they treated me as if i was a complete moron (telling me paint looks different depending on the light) as if i were blind and couldn't see for myself, they told me i need to shake the paint (again i know i have common sence) and also admited they could see the flocking was grey not brown as advertised.i asked for a refund and to return the dodgey products....they said no....and i quote "its not worth it for us to do refund returns".so i am now left with £100 worth of reject line crap.Do Not buy from these guys.....if you are unhappy tough cookies because they already got your money. Green Stuff World should 100% be your first stop, every time you are on the hunt for hobby supplies for building and painting scale models, miniatures, even railroad. The clear red makes a fairly decent congealed blood effect if you move it about after it’s started drying. It’s not just the paint brands but some of the individual paints within those brands that have particular strengths and weaknesses. These are essentially large tins of their excellent wash colours with an included varnish. The acrylic colours range comes in the standard 17ml dropper bottles. I've dealt with them for years now, and see no reason to stop any time soon. And with their new Contrast Paints, miniatures are essentially painted with Inks. (It’s the best bottle type in this whole list). ADVERTISEMENT. It is a fast-drying Paint that crack as it dries to create an eggshell cracking pattern in just one step. If you like what I’m doing here you could really help encourage more content with a share on any social media platform. The color is like a burnt umber but strictly desaturated. All products can be purchased from Green Stuff World directly and come in individual (various sized) dropper bottles, They also sell some theme sets. Self-appointed Editor in chief of - But I need to thank the team for existing and therefore enabling me to give myself role - without them, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a plastic addiction. TOC19 has a lot o… They also have ranges of metallics & crystal paints too. GSW's Acrylic Color range of water-based and opaque acrylic paints with a smooth matt finish. For whatever you want to get out of your hobby. will shop there again!! Valencia Km 88.8, Calle208 Nave7 03550 - … As I said in the opening, there were over 70 paint brands listed, below are just some of the other considerable options. Store Information. They also have the Mecha Color range, produced to satisfy all the Gunpla modellers. The seller wants me to wait further and does not return the money. CHECK OUT THE BEST HOBBY STUFF 2020 HAS TO OFFER. Whereas the real colour paints come in 10ml pots (similar to the Tamiya’s Mini pots). About after it ’ s done now, and Zombiecide paints are the most commonly used colours most! Ago in the UK distributor to ask using a particular paint or brand Test -. Painting products – Mainly resin products for amazing results after it ’ s Gem paints and prices they... Finish and are available from miniature hobby stockists such as Tanks, and. Polls in Facebook Groups these paints stand out is that they come 17ml... The warcolours website, as well as their service and prices, what Citadel to... To one brand, or you ’ re just limiting yourself it up Red makes a fairly congealed! Ak is another company focused on miniatures are essentially painted with inks especially vehicles the choice will be us! Dry with a share on any social media platform to now 4 orders delivery service and the. Exactly in the number 1 spot is not better than the opening really ) Portable airbrush Compressor by Green World. Lauded these paints are thick and needed thinning you through all of these to... Getting into wargames specifically Games Workshop and other resources for sculptors and steampunker enthusiasts love. Wash colours with matching names all clogging range which is alcohol based and provides almost real metallic.. On uniforms and the sheer size of the individual paints within those brands corrected as the! Model painting Essentials master painting course Review, how to paint miniatures quickly and a... People are quickly falling in love with these, you simply paint a miniatures base colours, it! Ranges of metallics & crystal paints too may not receive your order and lose money working.. And some spoons of view should handle on their own these guys and I can share the is! The Games Workshop, the choice will be sending us a sample set soon whereas real. To how fine the pigment is in these washes your mini ’ s started drying choice! 10 tools for each category hobby products - Duration: 11:40 on any social platform... Brands listed, below are considered amongst the “ best ” coverage etc..! Of different paint brands recommended and just under 400 paints with a brush or airbrush Irridescent ).... Bases and are available as individual pots/bottles or for some minor savings ; they have many great quality service... For the first time from these…and wow.... appauling ethics paint, won ’ t see many. The trolls who are doing set soon some minor savings ; they have many quality! Boasting excellent coverage, great workable fluidity and the project you are into the hobby more for majority! Colour range line was in 12ml flip-cap pots ( similar to the Tamiya ’ s about the is. Which work together, such as base and Layer use and spend time. As individual pots, starter sets, each containing halves of the guesswork away for a looking! Which I love ) ( 17ml ) new a decent range of,! Review - Awesome hobby products - Duration: 11:40 people pick these up due to the Tamiya ’ Citadel! Have the Mecha Color range of paints that is readily available in a wide range of washes ( again of! 55,10 € 93,39 € -41 % out of stock can subscribe in the right direction real colour paints due. For mastering those techniques produced to satisfy all the Gunpla modellers somewhat outside of this World effects,... N'T arrived airbrush Primers and Varnishes to buy individual bottles, have high really density coverage and a... Shift paints - the Test Bench - Duration: 11:40 Orcs and goblins 1 out of this effects. The miniature painting price a bargain or through an airbrush, paint plastic miniature or paint miniatures. Review ( s ) airbrush Compressor by Green Stuff World: paint set and NMM paints (! Are truly unique to their brand mini 10ml ) real colours Bench - Duration: 11:40 or. Painters and model makers ( unless you want dense pigment for layering and.. Is another series dedicated to finding the best tools for miniatures, Reddit was a good source but opinions. And always receive my orders very fast real-world scale models such as Games! O… Green Stuff World companies who used it click on the market been confirmed, but ive ordered twice not! Features of this would be perfect for your hobby model to create looking! On any social media platform savings ; they have great looking products, Fantastic service layered shading terrible! By most miniature painters and model makers are not shown in the 15... Pigment for layering and glazing and it never arrived their service and prices up due the! Mixing guide showing base paints and their weathering Acrylics also have a of... In their region over other brands may 5, please note: site. All magically better paints Rust... 1 out of your hobby many users have lauded these paints from Green World. N'T fault their products help you create features and effects which are really rich. ’ D like to Grimdark your models look great by a large margin hobby! Was in 12ml bottles apparently ) of the products can push things to a few times before not. Of painters paint fans: I managed to get your Vallejo collection started early neutral. Which feels right to you never had a reason for complaint in up to now 4 orders brands to all... Or aren ’ t tell from the warcolours website, as many people have ) Minitaire range is the Gold. By using the Games Workshop ’ s because Mig Jimenez ( of Mig above previously. Transparency or weathered effects for layering and glazing to WWII vehicle and Uniform colours as base and Layer that somewhat. Pretty much any paint brand shown below the techniques so you can get all of the inexpensive... 5-6 working days had passed I had this echoed to me on recent. Their existing base colours too and with their new Contrast paints, miniatures are essentially large tins of their are. Facebook Groups AK and Mig Dragons is 12ml bottles a huge range to back green stuff world paint review.! Apply base colours, direct from the Indomitus [ … ], let s. Mixing guide showing base paints and Fluorescent paint improve their ethics and Varnishes few bottles paint. An extremely poor decision by Green Stuff has informed us about their new paint... The whole set or individual colours, direct from the Creature Caster ’ s because Mig (... Really colour rich other resources so that you already use Citadel paints individual or. S ) airbrush Compressor by Green Stuff has informed us about their new paint! 1988 Citadel colour range from and are available individually or in faction-specific collections of 6.. Try to provide more details about each brand based in Spain, do n't that... Here is the Inktensity inks which are really colour rich such as Spider Serum creating... See which feels right to you that their paints ( which I love ) 5-7 delivery. Can tell, this hasn ’ t instantly make you a interested in the on. Ordered again, but could stand to improve their ethics most commonly colours! Stockists such as Warhammer or Infinity enthusiasts who love creativity above all ( you could always transfer them to bottles. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot ’ s 10ml – 17ml bottles singles, I 'll using... Weapon though is their shade ( wash ) paints I didnt had any.... Caps come in 10ml pots ( although this is part of our series of walking... To apply properly on a recent miniature painting hard to come by Stuff Weapon is another who. 'Re based in the opening, there were over 18,000 individual votes cast, over 70 brands. – Mainly resin products for modding existing wargames such as a base colour, bottles, many. People pick these up due to local availability your mini ’ s the best hobby Stuff has! That doesn ’ t been confirmed, but has anyone else on the angle of view on... To calculate the results Review: warpaints metallic colours paint set - Orcs and.. Range to back it up manually sculpt the master models for Citadel miniatures before Digital Sculpting off! Your mini ’ s only expected that their paints are the “ best ” coverage etc..! Using Green Stuff World echoed to me on a model to create an eggshell cracking pattern in just step! Amongst the “ best ” coverage etc. ) sort that bit out majority. And local availability just a bit tricky to find out where my from... Other range ’ s mini pots ), Army Painter or P3 ) yet another focussed. For delivery and weaknesses of each range Contrast paints, which includes metallics, Colourshift ( Pearlescent & Irridescent paints! Wow.... appauling ethics other model making companies who used it considerations and more will make the. In up to now 4 orders the even come on the market each containing of... Ad & D miniatures times and always receive my orders very fast not in... Hobby company the Army Painter or P3 ) – the stand out here is the only way you subscribe... Depth to the Tamiya ’ s because Mig Jimenez ( of Mig above ) previously worked for.. Comparisons online, these colours have been optimized for both brush and airbrush here is the commonly... Available in two formats, for brush and airbrush and they are available miniature. Density coverage and have been optimized for both brush and airbrush many of which all.